Free fall

I’ve been tapping at the door of opportunity.

Standing at the threshold, in a liminal space.

Eager to take an anticipated leap of faith.

Fear has not been my friend.

Even though I’ve held it’s hand and invited it in.

It has betrayed me time and again.

Lured me to do nothing when I had something to offer

Assured me that there was no need for me to ever bother.

Discouraged me to dream when my heart was pleading.

Encouraged my retreat even when I was leading.

Gnawing on the hand that keeps trying to feed me.

Empty calories besiege and leave me hungry.

Staring out over the Precipice.

Toeing the brink of new beginnings

No longer hesitant

I let go….. prepared to win.

Copyright ©2016 ubiquitous sense and Free Fall.  All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Wow, this is why you need to write! As I sit her literally on the end of my bed (while in between tasks for the day) thinking ….deep thought about eveything I have tried & wanted to do in terms of my own public service organization & how much work that needs & how I HAVE TO TRY HARDER, I HAVE TO GET THERE & I NEED people like Shamika Pearson more than she knows (seriously exact thoughts)! Then I snap out of it realize I need to get moving before to much time passes but let me check my email real quick (volleyball thoughats/emails)

    As I scroll down I see a new email from “Just a Thinker” & think oh here’s a treat it’s earlier than usual. Let’s see…”Free Fall” (the reads are always interesting/intriguing)…..I find in essence some of my thoughts that I always have to push back & out of my head!

    I walked with you through this poem, I “let go” with YOU in this poem & in this life……LET’S ROLL/ALL IN/REAL DEAL! B/c I HEAR YOU & you see me, we’re not just writing/talking. YOU SPEAK TO PEOPLE!!!

    Sorry so long comment but this whole moment was surreal!! Love ya keep doing YOU it’s greater than you & those around you have a clue it is!!!! God Bless!

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    1. Thank you! Let’s jump together!

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  2. tpickblog says:

    Beautiful poem depicting the quandary of having the courage to plunge into the unknown. It mirrors my current state of awakening to the fact that idealism has become my simultaneous blessing yet curse to go on amidst the reality of the world bearing down on me. Thank you for putting into the words the beauty of perseverance.

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    1. Thank you! You have a way of reflecting that is appreciative!


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