In the stars…

I see you…

You see me…

There’s a chemistry.

I’m feeling you.

You’re feeling me,

But are we meant to be?

Smelling your scent is

Aromatic serenity.

I become engulfed in the moment.

Taken in by your flattery.

Your interest is apparent and seen.

I dream about how you could be.

A vision of pleasantries,

Illusions, and fantasies.

A mirage of creativity.

My own woolgathering…

I succumb to my imagination.

Overwhelmed by infatuation

And the temptation…of being your next.

I indulge the sensations

Only to soon become vexed.

The moment comes like graduation…

At first, there’s a celebration,

Then comes the epiphany…of what happens next.

The very second that succeeds the climax.

When my senses simmer down and come back.

I see that you are who you are.

No more daydreams and shooting stars,

But plenty of wishes.

It was my reality and all the same a moment of fiction.

Moments of Pretending.

Everything I’d hoped, but nothing that I intended.

Once more, I can see the question in your eyes…What have we done?

What has begun…

or just ended?

Maybe we can be lovers.

Probably not friends.

More than likely, nothing at all.

I may text in a few days

While hoping that you’d call.

Not because we should be together,

Its just that My ego isn’t small.

Even if I don’t want you,

I want you to want me.

Extinguish the fires to My addiction to feeling desired and needed.

After hard breathing, and slow strokes, deep moans, intense gropes,

We look into each other’s eyes…

We both know.

It was beautiful, but won’t grow.

It can’t thrive.

At least not in this world.

Maybe in the next I’ll be blessed to know love.

I kiss him on the chest and get dressed to head home.

In another life, my soul mate

In this life, our last date

for many reasons that are obvious…to US.

More than lust

Less than love

Sometimes the stars just don’t line


Copyright © 2018 ubiquitous sense All Rights Reserved.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are a vivd and strong writer. you can picture every sentence i love the structure of your writing style. many blessings im honored to call you friend

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tania Walker says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with Anonymous…strong vivid writer! Impressive again how strong youre writing gets effortlessly! Youve always been such a natural, like this is youre calling?!? This is definitely a publisher!

    People write books with 10 chapters…you should publish your ten best writings with a glimpse of your story/ background/ inspiration for each.

    #BestSeller! #HonoredtoRead! #MyRshipFeelingsToo 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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