No Mentor

I am just a person. I’m not perfect. I’m not a mentor. My faults are surging. I’m not urging anyone for any purpose. Why are you looking to me for encouragement? I may influence. I do not lead. It’s all for fun. Seriously. I did not sign a line or make a claim. I am not responsible nor am I the blame. I’m not the one who caused the pain and I do not deserve the shade. At least, That’s what they say…those with fame. From movies, sports, TV, and games…The ones that everyone can call by name. Those who don’t want the bite, but always bark. Those who mock the light and shine in the dark. Who model perfection at any cost. Until a problem comes and thickens the plot. Everything appears to be flawless until it’s not. Then being human is the pointed as cause for the pride that comes before the fall.

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