Journey to the Dream

Some call us crabs in a barrel. Yanking and grappling at the ankles of anyone leading the pack, until inevitably we also get snatched, stepped on, or fall back. Not one obtaining the knowledge and freedom that they lack. But, if such analogies as these are deemed as facts, then we must acknowledge that…there was a capture.

And if a capture is not the right word for expression, then maybe better suited are words like inhibition and oppression…ensnared by more than natural selection. Where being fit is having no objections to the subjugating rule intending to limit the tools to the pool. It grows and it grows…seams bursting past full.

One exit and one lane for the masses to escape. Shoulder pushing and overcrowding at the bottleneck’s nape. The keeper of the gates ensuring that a few can pass the way but, keeping obstacles handy so that a majority stay. Those with patience and perseverance learn the importance of the wait. If they don’t make it to the destination, maybe a path is created for the next generation.

Not trying to be negative or pessimistic. Life has shown this realistic for many more than a few. The journey to our dreams appears to encompass many repeats and arduous moves. To even dare to dream quite often may seem like an act of fools. As make-believe as tooth fairies or wishing on stars tend to prove. Nightmare or fantasy, I do dare candidly to allow thinking that is wishful, because sometimes…in time…Our dreams do come true.

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