Definition of life

I’ve often been told to write about things I know. Things I suppose I can define. What can I say that I know about life? What are the absolutes woven into the design? Is it all just our perception or are there bold established lines? Much that I have figured has been counted many times and likely to be counted again as time passes by. There are a few laws of physical nature that cannot be denied. Many hypothesis and theories that appear to be precise and apply, but then nothing is solid. Not even my mind. An abstract contraption adapting to survive. What is the purpose? What’s the mission? Educated guesses or shots in the dark for decisions? To keep guessing and guessing as the world goes around? With each spin there are lessons both trivial and profound. We have our own perspectives. Our own hunches and intuition. I am not sure of any definition I’ve ever seen, about who we are or the meaning. All I know is that I AM HERE by no coincidence, for a reason. I just hate not knowing or 2nd guessing my quest. It is a thing I do not take light. But, to get it right, I will keep doing my best.

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