Cloudy With a Chance

I’m trying to let you go, but you’ve been inside of me. You drove the roughest terrain and hugged the curves and the lanes so perfectly.

We exchanged energy. You gave me life. Together we released the negative frequencies….and absorbed vibes. I felt like I was high…

As quickly as it began, it ended. And a hole exists in the space of an intended friendship…

An emotional storm has sent waves crashing into my shores…

Tossed by its winds. Shaken by its roars… is safe to say I’m definitely not in Kansas anymore, but a strange land of little people and a twisted and winding road. I’ve spun out of control and I just want to go back to what I know.

But, My shoes are not made of magic. I keep clicking my heels and repeating the lines, but nothing ever happens.

Taunted by flashes of our passion and the torment of wishful thinking…

My mind has become like an enemy.

My heart, a traitor working against me.

I didn’t understand the rules. I want out of this game.

No cancellation due to weather.

I must continue to play in the rain.

I took a gamble.

It was for pretty high stakes.

The good was more than I could handle.

The bad was more than I can take…

Copyright © 2018 ubiquitous sense All Rights Reserved.

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